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Today I was discussing characters, and how they are, if made right, sympathetic and understandable, even as anti-heros, anti-villians and the more traditional roles. For example, voldemort is really a child who is afraid of death, even with the mighty powers of magic. And on the other hand, game of thrones, from what I have watched, is this weird black and white style of smart evil/greedy and the not so smart good.  

Amongst other things, we also discussed what makes a character compelling, or worthwhile to be interested in. To be a compelling, to sum it all up, character, they have to be flawed, no perfection (no one is perfect), driven for a reason, a real reason and not just because they’re evil/good, and heartedly believing that their work is for something good, no matter how much it is like using a sledgehammer to break a wall. They can also be cunning, or have accepted that they get a pleasure from an act, even if it is dark.

Point being, I, myself, believe that a character can be compelling when designed right, flawed, driven for a reason, can believe they can do good, and can have a personality.

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